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CASRIP Newsletter - Spring/Summer 2005, Volume 12, Issue 1

Message from the Director

Toshiko Takenaka

Toshiko Takenaka

This issue will celebrate a fresh start for the CASRIP Newsletter. The issue was created by a strong leadership of our new executive editor, Ms. Signe Naeve. She solicited articles and case comments from CASRIP directors, UW faculty members and LL.M. and JD students. As a result, the coverage of the topics has been substantially expanded. Since her appointment as the Assistant Director, CASRIP's research activities have continued to flourish and the extent of student and faculty involvement has expanded. We discovered that she is also a talented teacher. Her new tutorial course on copyright and trademark litigation was one of the most popular courses in spring quarter. Thus, she is also contributing greatly to the IP Law and Policy LL.M. program by creating a new course to enrich the current curriculum.

Thanks to her leadership, I feel very comfortable leaving the CASRIP activities with Signe while I visit Waseda Law School every spring quarter. I feel very privileged being given a chance to collaborate with esteemed Japanese law professors and to work on a challenging agenda to institute an American-style legal education in Japanese society. Waseda is working very hard to establish a reputation as the best IP program in Japan. Other foreign law schools and research programs, including the Universidad de Monterrey, have approached CASRIP to collaborate in developing an exchange program. Thus, I will focus my efforts on such collaborations while continuing to contribute articles and case comments as an author for the CASRIP Newsletter.

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