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CASRIP Newsletter - Spring/Summer 2005, Volume 12, Issue 1


Toshiko TakenakaDirector Professor Toshiko Takenaka was on leave from UW Law School during the 2005 spring quarter and taught EU/US Intellectual Property Law and International Patent and IP litigation courses at Waseda Law School as a visiting scholar. With Prof. Takabayashi, she organized a joint inventorship issue seminar in May at Waseda in which Mr. Paul Meiklejohn, UW Part-Time Lecturer, and Dr. Heinz Goddar, CASRIP Summer Institute lecturer, participated. During their visit in Japan, Mr. Meiklejohn and Dr. Goddar joined CASRIP reunion dinners in Tokyo and Osaka. Profs. Takenaka and Takabayashi also organized an open seminar on client counseling. Prof. Takenaka played a US client who tried to enforce patents in Japan and other countries and participated in the panel discussions after the counseling session. A report on these seminars are available at:

Bob GomulkiewiczAssociate Director Bob Gomulkiewicz has been busy writing several chapters as a co-author for a new treatise on technology licensing. He has also continued to focus his research on legal protection for software, the open source movement and standardized end-user license forms. He has served as a key presenter at several conferences and forums, including one hosted by the Center for Technology Entrepreneurship at the University of Washington Business School. He has also appeared on National Public Radio to discuss the implications of the recent Supreme Court decision, MGM v. Grokster.

Sean O'ConnorAssociate Director Sean O’Connor published an article titled “IP Rights and Stem Cell Research: Who Owns the Medical Breakthroughs” (pdf) in the New England Law Review, as well as an op-ed titled “Ownership Battles and Science Funding” in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. O’Connor also created and ran a test version of the Entrepreneurship Clinic in the Spring Quarter in conjunction with the Center for Technology Entrepreneurship at the UW Business School. The Clinic teamed local attorneys and business advisers with MBA and law students specializing in IP, corporate/securities law, tax law, and business planning to evaluate the emerging Web based business of a Seattle entrepreneur and provide early stage counseling for the venture. O’Connor also gave presentations on IP, stem cell research, and entrepreneurship at events in Monterrey, Mexico, Washington, D.C., and in the local Seattle area. He also spearheaded a collaborative CLE with the Economic Policy Research Center.\

Dan LasterIn March, Assistant Professor Dan Laster was a presenter at the roundtable, "Whose Ad Was That? Issues in On-line Advertising", sponsored by the Shidler Center for Law, Commerce and Technology. Also in March Professor Laster gave a presentation entitled, "As Grokster Goes to the Supreme Court: File-sharing and Copyright", sponsored by the Center for Internet Studies at the University of Washington. Professor Laster has also continued consulting for a number of Fortune 500 companies.

Signe NaeveAssistant Director Signe Naeve created and taught an “Intellectual Property Litigation” course to the Intellectual Property LL.M. students this past Spring. She will teach a similar course next year. She will also teach “Legal Writing” and create a new class combining “Intellectual Property and the First Amendment” in the LL.M. program. She presented two trademark law lectures in the J.D. Intellectual Property Survey course and will teach copyright law to foreign students in the Summer Institute in English for Business and Law. In August, Ms. Naeve will lead the foreign delegation from CASRIP to visit Judge Randall Rader’s chambers and the USPTO in Washington D.C.

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