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In order to better serve the needs of the students, andto take advantage of the broad resources of the entire University. The Law Schoolhas undertaken a broad expansion of the curriculum for the program. In additionto the intellectual property and technology law components of the program, wehope to add courses in biosciences and information policy to the curriculum. Withthe assistance of Professor Patricia Kuszler (Health Law) and Professor Mary Hotchkiss(Information Policy), a new proposal has been submitted to the Graduate Schoolfor approval. The new curriculum plan will allow law students to earn credit for classes taken in a varietyof University departments including the Business School, the InformationSchool, and the Pharmacy School, in addition to their legal studies. At thesame time, the Law School hopes to attract students from other departments to study thelaw and has proposed a certificate program to introduce intellectual propertylaw to students from other disciplines. Through this cooperation, we hope tobuild a unique program that will benefit our students, the Law School and theentire University.

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