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Case Law

Secondary Authorities

  • Tanabe & Wegner, Japanese patent practice, AIPPI Japan
  • Interpreting patent claims : the United States, Germany and Japan / Toshiko Takenaka Weinheim
  • Nobuhiro Nakayama et al., Chukai Tokkyo Ho (in Japanese], Seirin Shoin
  • Nobuo Monya, Chushaku Tokkyo Ho (in Japanese), Yuhikaku

(Japanese books are available through the University of Washington Gallaghar Law Library at For more information, contact Asian Law Librarian Mr. Rob Brittt.)

Selected Law Review Articles
  • Takenaka, Patent Infringement Damages in Japan and the United States: Will Enhanced Patent Infringement Damage Award Revive Japanese Economy? (Wash. Univ. Law & Policy J. Forthcoming 2000 Spring)
  • Takenaka, Patent Infringement Damages in Japan and the United States: The Japanese Patent Office’s Challenge, Working Paper Published by Institute of Intellectual Property (March, 1999)
  • Takenaka, Harmonizing the Japanese patent System with its U.S. Counterpart Throug Judge-Made Law: Interaction between Japanese and U.S. Case Law Developments, Intellectual Property: Japan and Asia, 7 Pacific Rim Law & Policy Jounal 249 (1998)
  • Takenaka, Does a Cultural Barrier to IP Trade Exist?: Japan Example, 29 New York University Journal of Int'l Law & Policy 153 (1998)
  • Takenaka, Doctrine of Equivalents After Hilton Davis: A Comparative Law Analysis, 22 Rutgers Comp. & Tech. J. 479 (1996)
  • Takenaka, The Role of The Japanese Patent System in Japanese Industry, 13 UCLA Pacific Basin Law Journal 25 (1995)
  • Takenaka, Ball Spline Bearing, 26 IIC 683 (1995)
  • Takenaka, AIPPI Case Reporter, Patent Claim Interpretation, 18 AIPPI, Int'l Ed., 154 (1993)
  • Takenaka, The Substantial Identity Rule under the Japanese Novelty Standard, 9 UCLA Pacific Basin Law Journal 220 (1991)

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