Some of the databases below are password protected. Password information for UW School of Law Students is available on the Password List in the Document Library on Symplicity.

Online Directories for Researching Law Firms:

Online Directories for Researching Government Agencies:

Northwest Consortium Firm Lists

Northwest Consortium Law Firm Lists require login and password information. The current login and password can be found on the Password List in the document library in Symplicity.

Career Fairs
Career Fairs are an excellent opportunity to get to know employers. Employers are expecting you to ask questions about job opportunities and the best pathways to working in their company or area of practice. Although these events are billed as recruiting tools, your expectations should be modest. Career fairs sometimes yield opportunities to interview, but are probably best thought of as informational opportunities.

BYU Intercollegiate Job Bank
The Intercollegiate Job Bank is managed by BYU Law School, and provides access to job announcements from many schools around the country.

CPLD Library
The CPLD has a bookshelf of resources in Room 346, including the The Vault Guide to the Top 100 Law Firms. CPLD also has lists of smaller Northwest law firms.     


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