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Gates Public Service Law Speaker Series-Henry Aronson Questioning the Unquestionable

William H. Gates Hall
Room 133
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Henry Aronson admits to having a knee jerk cynical response to conventional
wisdom and to being obsessed with the importance of defining success and quantifying outcomes.

We assume “public service” is a good thing. But what is public service? Do we know if current responses to problems, issues, challenges related to “public service” are effective, worthwhile, justifiable?

Aronson has spent the better part of his career involved with public issues. Highlights include working in Mississippi in the mid-60’s representing civil rights workers, and leaders (including Dr. King, Robert Moses and Stokely Carmichael); directing the Vera Institute of Justice Manhattan Court Employment Project; directing a law office in Saigon Vietnam in the early 1970’s and creating and leading the successful opposition to the Seattle monorail.

Henry Aronson is currently focused on issues related to poverty and education.

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