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Social Justice Tuesdays-Making the most of your Public Interest/Summer

William H. Gates Hall
12:30 PM - 1:20 PM

Making the Most of Your Public Service
Experience This Summer
• Alyson Dimmit Gnam
1L: Peggy Browning Fellow at the National Employment Law Project Seattle, WA
2L: Northwest Justice Project, Wenatchee, WA
• Lauren Conner
1L: ACLU Criminal Law Reform Project New York City
• Erin Apte
1L: Personeria de Medellin, the Colombian government’s human rights department for the municipality of Medellin
• Kepa Zugazaga – Washington Attorney General’s Office
1L: Foreclosure Prevent Unit at Northwest Justice Project Seattle, WA
2L: WA Attorney General’s Office Education Division Seattle, WA

Panelists will address several questions including:
How do I ensure that I get good supervision, support and mentorship?
What should I wear to work?
How do I go the extra mile without over extending myself?
What is the unauthorized practice of law?
 How can I produce a good writing sample this summer?

Students will share tips and strategies on how you can make the most from your upcoming summer in public service.

If you would like lunch RSVP via Symplicity or gatespsl@u.washington.edu
by 12:00 pm Monday, May 5, 2014

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