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PWRLK 2L/3L Mock Trial Competition

William H. Gates Hall

6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

UW Moot Court Honor Board is proud to host the PWRLK 2L/3L Mock Trial Competition. Our students will have the chance to prove their oral advocacy skills are the best among our top two classes. Please consider competing or volunteering to help judge the competition! Sign up to judge the competition here: https://docs.google.com/a/uw.edu/forms/d/1F0YXCjyX3X_aLLM8WsuQs4eRmpGDVfXZHDgLJK3S_pY/viewform

Global Mondays Oct. 27 – Global Legal Skills

William H. Gates Hall

12:30 PM - 1:20 PM

“Optimistic Overconfidence in Adjudicated Cases: Evidence From U.S. and Mexico Courts”
Randall Kiser, DecisionSet®

Randall Kiser is the Principal Analyst at DecisionSet® in Palo Alto, California, and an international authority on legal decision making. His research and teaching integrate the fields of law, statistics, psychology and economics.

In this presentation, Mr. Kiser will describe the frequency, costs and predictors of litigation "decision errors" -- suboptimal decision making that occurs when attorneys and clients reject pre-trial settlement offers and obtain worse results at trial. After summarizing the results of 8,000 adjudicated cases in U.S. and Mexico courts, the presentation will explore possible causes of optimistic overconfidence and how to mitigate them.

Mr. Kiser is the author of two books on legal judgment, Beyond Right and Wrong: The Power of Effective Decision Making For Attorneys and Clients and How Leading Lawyers Think: Expert Insights Into Judgment and Advocacy. His work has been cited in U.S. Supreme Court briefs and is frequently featured in major legal publications like Bloomberg Law Reports, Harvard Negotiation Law Review, and National Law Journal. His findings on legal decision-making errors, the New York Times reports, “raise provocative questions about how lawyers and clients make decisions.”

Mr. Kiser teaches legal judgment at the University of Washington School of Law, Pepperdine University School of Law, and U.C. Irvine’s Center for Corporate Legal Leadership. He also has qualified to testify as an expert witness and has conducted programs in the United States, Europe and South America for more than 3,000 legal professionals during the last three years.

Social Justice Film Screening - Natural Life

William H. Gates Hall

6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

In partnership with the Social Justice Film Festival, IPNW presents "Natural Life," a feature length video documentary, which challenges the inequities in the juvenile justice system in the United States by depicting the stories of four individuals incarcerated since youth.