Japan's legal system is poised for the kind of epochmaking change experienced at the turn of the last century and again at the end of WWII. Those developments were captured in a path-breaking 1961 conference and the resulting book, von Mehren (ed), Law in Japan: The Legal Order in a Changing Society (Harvard UP, 1963).

The next generation will see dramatic changes in the both the design and application of law in Japan, as well as in legal education and the formation of the legal profession. This conference is designed to capture those changes by bringing together over forty of the world's leading authorities on Japanese law who will reflect on changes to their own fields of specialization and identify the catalysts for change in the twenty-first century.

The Conference follows a roundtable format that allows for maximum exchange of views and debate between lead speakers and attendees. Lead–speakers are paired-one Japanese and one non-Japanese–to allow an insider / outsider perspective on key reform issues. Topics covered will include constitutional law, human rights, the judicial and legislative processes, criminal justice, corporate law, taxation, insolvency, and intellectual property. Special panels will explore the current justice system reform process and will celebrate the legacy of the late University of Washington Professor Dan Fenno Henderson.

Law in Japan: A Turning Point is made possible by the gracious support of Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu, in commemoration of the merger of Nagashima & Ohno and Tsunematsu Yanase & Sekine into Japan's largest full-service law firm.

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