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Books or Treatises

Jane Winn & Benjamin Wright, The Law of Electronic Commerce (4th ed. Aspen 2001 & semi-annual supps.).

Ronald J. Mann & Jane K. Winn, Electronic Commerce (2d ed. Aspen 2005). 790 pages, plus supplement.

Veronica Taylor, Japan Business Law Guide (Veronica Taylor ed., CCH Singapore 1988).

Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

Anita Ramasastry, Confusion and Convergence in Consumer Payments: Is Coherence in Error Resolution Appropriate, 83 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 813-53 (2008).

Anita Ramasastry, Corporate Complicity: From Nuremberg to Rangoon: An Examination of Forced Labor Cases and Their impact on the Liability of Multinational Corporation, 20 Berkeley J. Int'l L. 91-159 (2002).

Dongsheng Zang, Complying with the WTO Rules: China's New Antidumping Regulations and Its Implications, 3 Harv. China Rev. 51-55 (2002).

Dongsheng Zang, Divided by Common Language: "Capture" Theories in GATT/WTO and the Communicative Impasse, 32 Hastings Int'l & Comp. L. Rev. 423-76 (2009).

Dongsheng Zang, Textualism in GATT/WTO Jurisprudence: Lessons for the Constitutionalization Rhetoric, 33 Syracuse J. Int'l L. & Com. 393-444 (2006).

Jane K. Winn & Brian H. Bix, Diverging Perspectives on Electronic Contracting in the U.S. and EU, 54 Clev. St. L. Rev. 175-90 (2006).

Jane K. Winn & Mark Webber, The Impact of EU Unfair Contract Terms Law on U.S. Business-to-Consumer Internet Merchants, 62 Bus. Law. 209-28 (2006).

Jane K. Winn, Diverging National Regulatory Strategies in Global ICT Standards Competition, 2 Sungkyunkwan J. Sci. & Tech. L. 1-11 (2008).

Jane K. Winn, Globalization and Standards: The Logic of Two-Level Games, 5 I/S: J. L. & Pol'y for the Info. Soc'y 185-218 (2009).

Jane K. Winn, Hard Law and Soft Law in International Commercial Law Reform, 3 Sungkyunkwan J. Sci. & Tech. L. 173-86 (2009).

Jane Winn & Nicolas Jondet, A "New Approach" to Standards and Consumer Protection, 31 J. Consumer Pol'y 459-72 (2008).

Jane Winn, Insurance for Cyber-risks: Business and Legal Issues, 1 Sungkyunkwan J. Sci. & Tech. L. 87-96 (2007).

Book Chapters

Anita Ramasastry, EBRD Legal Indicator Survey: Assessing Insolvency Laws after Ten Years of Transition, in The European Restructuring and Insolvency Guide 2002/2003, at 311-28 (White Page London 2002).

Anita Ramasastry, From Consumer to Person: Developing a Regulatory Framework for Non-bank E-Payments, in Consumer Protection in the age of the 'Information Economy' 313-37 (Jane K. Winn ed., Ashgate 2006).

Anita Ramasastry, Nonbank Issuers of Electronic Money: Prudential Regulation in Comparative Perspective, in 4 Current Developments in Monetary and Financial Law 663-707 (International Monetary Fund 2005).

Anita Ramasastry, Odious Debt or Odious Payments? Using Anti-Corruption Measures to Prevent Odious Debt, in Rule of Law Promotion: Global Perspectives, Local Applications 359-77 (Per Berling, Jenny Ederlöf & Veronica L. Taylor eds., Iustus Förlag, 2009).

Jane K. Winn, US & EU Regulatory Competition in ICT Standardization Law & Policy, in Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Standardization and Innovation in Information Technology 281-91 (IEEE 2005), reprinted in Int'l J. IT Standards & Standardization Res., Jan.-June, 2007 at 84-102, and in New Applications in IT Standards: Developments and Progress 35-53 (Kai Jacobs ed., IGI Global 2010).

Jane Winn, Standard Developing Organizations as a Form of Self-Regulation, in The Standards Edge: Standardization: Unifier or Divider? (Sherrie Bolin ed., Bolin Group, forthcoming ).

Jane Winn, The Emerging Law of Electronic Commerce, in Handbook on Electronic Commerce (Michael Shaw, Robert Blanning, Troy Strader & Andrew Winston eds., Springer 2000).

Veronica Taylor, "Re-regulating Japanese Transactions: the Competition Law Dimension," in Japanese Governance: Beyond Japan Inc (Peter Drysdale & Jennifer Amyx eds., Routledge Curzon 2003).

Veronica Taylor, "Rethinking Indonesian Insolvency Reform: Contexts and Frameworks," in Commercial Law Reform in Indonesia (Tim Lindsey ed., Federation Press 2001).

Book Reviews

Dongsheng Zang, Book Review, 21 J. Asian Bus., no. 3, 2005 at 92-93 (reviewing East Asia Integrates: A Trade Policy Agenda for Shared Growth (Kathie L. Krumm & Homi J. Kharas eds., 2004)).


Anita Ramasastry and Slavova, Legal Transition Indicators, Transition Report 1999: Ten Years of Transition, (EBRD 1999) 43-50.

Additional Publications

Saadia M. Pekkanen, Japan's Aggressive Legalism : Law and Foreign Trade Politics Beyond the WTO (Stanford University Press, 2008)

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