Asian Law Center

Selected Faculty Scholarship

Comparative Legal Systems

Books or Treatises

Martin J. Adelman, Shubha Ghosh, Amy Landers & Toshiko Takenaka, Global Issues in Patent Law (West 2011) (American Casebook Series). 340 pages.

Roy Prosterman, Legal Impediments to Effective Rural Land Relations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia: A Comparative Perspective. Editor with Timothy M. Hanstad. Washington D.C.: World Bank, 1999.

Toshiko Takenaka & Kazunori Yamagami, Legal Consulation of International Intellectual Property Disputes Resolution (2006).

Veronica Taylor & K. Laster et al, Law as Culture, (Federation Press, Sydney: 1997) 384pp ISBN 1 86287 226 0.

Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

Jane K Winn, Can Information Security Be Regulated?, 2 Sungkyunkwan J. Sci. & Tech. L. 185-96 (2008).

Jane K. Winn, Diverging National Regulatory Strategies in Global ICT Standards Competition, 2 Sungkyunkwan J. Sci. & Tech. L. 1-11 (2008).

Jane Winn & Jens Haubold, Electronic Promises: Contract Law Reform and E-Commerce in a Comparative Perspective, 27 Eur. L. Rev. 567 (2002).

Jonathan Eddy, Payment with Subrogation under the Ethiopian Civil Code, 9 J. Ethiopian L. 106 (1973).

Toshiko Takenaka, Success or Failure?: Japan's National Strategy on Intellectual Property and Evaluation of Its Impact from the Comparative Law Perspective, 8 Wash. U. Global Stud. L. Rev. 379-98 (2009).

Book Chapters

Anita Ramasastry, Nonbank Issuers of Electronic Money: Prudential Regulation in Comparative Perspective, in 4 Current Developments in Monetary and Financial Law 663-707 (International Monetary Fund 2005).

Toshiko Takenaka & Mon'ya Nobuo, Sofutouea hogo hosei no Nichi-Bei hikaku [Comparing the Legal Systems for Software Protection in Japan and the United States], in Chosakuken bijinesu no riron to jissen : Waseda Daigaku Rô Sukûru chosakukenhô tokushu kôgi [Theory and Practice of Copyright Business] 255-94 (Seibundô 2010).

Toshiko Takenaka, "Comparative Analysis of Federal Circuit Phillips en banc Decision: Claim Construction and the Extent of Patent Protection in United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Republic of Korea," in Korean Industrial Property Office 30th Anniversary Publication, 463 (2007).

Toshiko Takenaka, "Comparative Study of Legal Issues in Repair of Patented Products: The Scope of Exhaustion Doctrine under Japanese and US Patent Laws," in Recent Developments of the Academic Disputes on the Intellectual Property Laws and the Competition Law: Festschrift for Prof. Nobuo Monya, 379 (2006).

Toshiko Takenaka, Comparative Study of Grace Period under First-To-File System and First-To-Invent System and Review of Provision For Exception To Lack of Novelty Under Japanese Patent Law Article 30, Festschrift for celebrating Prof. Nobuhiro Nakayama's sixtiethbirthday (2005).

Toshiko Takenaka, Harmonizing Patent Infringement Damages: A Lesson from Japanese Experiences,Wolrad, in Patents and Technological Progress in a Global World 463-80 (Wolrad Prinz zu Waldeck und Pyrmont et al. eds., 2009)

Toshiko Takenaka, Scope of Claims Including Numerical Limitations: Comparative Study of Claim Interpretation, the Doctrine of Equivalents and Prosecution History Estoppel, Jap. Patent Att'ys Assn. ed., Claim Construction (2005).

Toshiko Takenaka, Tokkyo yûkôsei funsô shori seido saikô: Nichi-Bei hikakuhô no kanten kara [Re-thinking the Management of Disputes about Patent Validity: Viewed from a Japan/U.S. Comparative Law Perspective], in Chiteki zaisanhô no atarashii nagare : Katayama Eiji sensei kanreki kinen ronbunshu [New Trends in Intellectual Property Law: Celebratory Volume in Honor of Prof. Eiji Katayama] 371-94 (Seirin Shoin 2010).

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