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Books or Treatises

John O. Haley, Fundamentals of Transnational Litigation: The United States, Canada, Japan, and the European Union (2d ed., LexisNexis, 2014).

Kyoko Ishida [UW Ph.D. in Law, 2006], Ethics and Regulations of Legal service Providers in Japan: De-regulation or Re-regulation? Remaining Problems after the Justice System Reform (2011), Amazon

現代日本の紛争処理と民事司法3: 裁判経験と訴訟行動 Gendai Nihon no Funsō Shori to Minji Shihō 3: Saiban Keiken to Soshō Kōdō [Civil Justice and Dispute Resolution in Contemporary Japan (volume 3): Litigation Experience and Litigation Behavior:] (Daniel H. Foote ed., 2010) University of Tokyo Press

法社会学の新世代 Hō Shakai Gaku no Shin Sedai [A New Generation for Sociology of Law] (Daniel H. Foote et al. eds., 2009) 有斐閣 Yūhikaku

Daniel H. Foote, 名もない顔もない司法: 日本の裁判は変わるのか Namonai Kaomonai Shihō: Nihon no Saiban ha Kawarunoka [Nameless Faceless Justice: Will Japan’s Courts Change?] (Masayuki Tamaruya trans., 2007) NTT Publishing

Daniel H. Foote, 裁判と社会: 司法の「常識」再考 Saiban to Shakai: Shihō no Jōshiki Saikō [The Courts and Society: Reconsidering “Common Knowledge” Regarding Justice] (Masayuki Tamaruya trans., 2006) NTT Publishing

融ける境超える法 4: メディアと制度 Tokeru Sakai Koeru Hō 4: Media to Seido [Dissolving Borders, Transcending Law (volume 4): Media and Systems] (Daniel H. Foote & Yasuo Hasebe eds., 2005) University of Tokyo Press

Yukio Yanagida, Daniel H. Foote, Edward Stokes Johnson, Jr., J. Mark Ramseyer, Hugh T. Scogin, Jr., Law and Investment in Japan; Cases and Materials (2nd ed. 2001) Harvard University Press

John O. Haley, The Spirit of Japanese Law (1998) University of Georgia Press

Yukio Yanagida, Daniel H. Foote, Edward Stokes Johnson, Jr., J. Mark Ramseyer, Hugh T. Scogin, Jr., Law and Investment in Japan; Cases and Materials (1994)

John Owen Haley, Authority Without Power: Law and the Japanese Paradox (1991) Oxford University Press

Peer Reviewed Journals & Law Reviews

Laras Susanti (Asian & Comparative Law LL.M. 2014), Dealing with Illicit Enrichment: What Indonesia Might Learn from the U.S., 2 Indon. J. Int'l & Comp. L. 41 (2015) HEIN online (restricted)

Daniel H. Foote, Citizen Participation: Appraising the Saiban'in System, 22 Mich. St. Int'l L. Rev. 755 (2014) Link

Don S. Zang, The West in the East: Max Weber's Nightmare in "Post-Modern" China, 14 Max Weber Stud. 33-53 (2014) Link

John O. Haley, The Role of Courts in "Making" Law in Japan: The Communitarian Conservatism of Japanese Judges, 22 Pac. Rim L. & Pol'y J. 491-503 (2013) HEIN online (restricted)

Daniel H. Foote, 裁判員制度の成果 Saiban'in Seido no Seika [Achievements of the Saiban'in System], 36 刑事法ジャーナル Keijihō Jānaru 56 (2013) 成文堂 Seibundo

Daniel H. Foote, The Trials and Tribulations of Japan's Legal Education Reforms, 36 Hastings Int'l & Comp. L. Rev. 369 (2013) HEIN online (restricted)

Yoshimochi Taniguchi [Asian & Comparative Law LL.M. 2012], Deepening Confidence in the Application of CISG to the Sales Agreements Between the United States and Japanese Companies, 12 Rich. J. Global L. & Bus. (2013)

Jane K. Winn & Angela Zhang, China's Golden Tax Project: A Technological Strategy for Reducing VAT Fraud, 4 Peking U. J. Legal Stud. 1 (2013) SSRN

Dongsheng Zang, China's "Attitude" Toward Human Rights: Reading Hungdah Chiu in the Era of the Iraq War, 27 Md. J. Int'l L. 263 (2012) Link

John O. Haley, Constitutional Adjudication in Japan: Context, Structures, and Values, 88 Wash. U. L. Rev. 1467 (2011) Link

Daniel H. Foote, Internationalization and Integration of Doctrine, Skills and Ethics in Legal Education: The Contrasting Situations of the United States and Japan, 75 法社会学 Hōshakaigaku [J. Japanese Ass’n Soc. L.] 8 (2011) SSRN

Daniel H. Foote, The Supreme Court and the Push for Transparency in Lower Court Appointments in Japan, 88 Wash. U. L. Rev. 1745 (2011) Link

Dongsheng Zang, Rise of Political Populism and the Trouble with the Legal Profession in China, 6 Harv. China Rev. 79 (2010) SSRN

Daniel H. Foote, Policymaking by the Japanese Judiciary in the Criminal Justice Field, 72 法社会学 Hōshakaigaku [J. Japanese Ass’n Soc. L.] 6 (2010) SSRN

Dongsheng Zang, From Environment to Energy: China's Reconceptualization of Climate Change, 27 Wis. Int'l L. J. 543-74 (2009) LexisNexis

Dongsheng Zang, Green from Above: Climate Change, New Developmental Strategy, and Regulatory Choice in China, 45 Tex. Int'l L.J. 201-32 (2009) SSRN

Daniel H. Foote, Restrictions on Political Activity by Judges in Japan and the United States: The Cases of Judge Teranishi and Justice Sanders, 45 8 Wash. U. Global Stud. L. Rev. 285 (2009) Link

Daniel H. Foote et al., Attitude, Evaluation, and Decision-Making by Civil Litigants and Their Lawyers: Findings from the Nationwide Surveys (Part 1 of 2) , 45 58 名城法学 Meijō Hōgaku 1 (2009) Link

Daniel H. Foote et al., Attitude, Evaluation, and Decision-Making by Civil Litigants and Their Lawyers: Findings from the Nationwide Surveys (Part 2 of 2) , 45 58 名城法学 Meijō Hōgaku 29 (2009) Link

Toshiko Takenaka, Success or Failure? Japan's National Strategy on Intellectual Property and Evaluation of its Impact from the Comparative Law Perspective, 8 Wash. U. Global Stud. L. Rev. 379 (2009) Link

Toshiko Takenaka, Japan's National IP Strategy and IP Enforcement Revisions: Improvements in Evidence Taking and Damages, 5 Q. Rev. Corp. L. & Soc. 275 (2009)

Daniel H. Foote, 外からみた日本の法曹人口・法曹養成: 司法へのアクセスは本当に向上するか Soto kara Mita Nihon no Hōsō Jinkō/Hōsō Yōsei: Shihō heno Akusesu ha Honto ni Kōjō Suruka [Japan's Legal Profession and Legal Training as Seen from Abroad: Will Access to Justice Really Improve?], 994 法律時報 Hōritsu Jihō 24 (2008) Link

Daniel H. Foote, Recent Reforms to the Japanese Judiciary: Real Change or Mere Appearance?, 66 法社会学Hōshakaigaku [J. Japanese Ass’n Soc. L.], 128 (2007) SSRN

Yong-Sung Jonathan Kang, Raising the Profile of Korean Legal Studies in U.S. Comparative Law Teaching and Scholarship, 18 Songgyun'gwan pophak [Sungkyunkwan L. Rev.], no. 2, 2006 at 15-31.

Daniel H. Foote, Forces Driving and Shaping Legal Training Reform in Japan, 7 Australian J. Asian L. 215 (2006) Link

John O. Haley, Heisei Renewal or Heisei Transformation: Are Legal Reforms Really Changing Japan?, 10 Zeitschrift für Japanisches Recht 5 (2005) Link

Toshiko Takenaka, 米国の大学における知財教育と日本に対する提言 Beikoku no Daigaku ni okeru Chizai Kyōiku to Nihon ni Taisuru Teigen [Intellectual Property Education at U.S. Universities and Proposal for Japan], 53 知財管理 Chizai Kanri 719 (2003) Link

Toshiko Takenaka, 特許の国際調和と日本国特許庁の果たすべき役割 Tokkyo no Kokusai Chōwa to Tokkyochō no Hatasu beki Yakuwari [Patent Harminization and the Role to be Played by Japan’s Patent Office], 228 特技懇 Tokugikon 53 (2003) Link

Dongsheng Zang, Complying with the WTO Rules: China's New Antidumping Regulations and Its Implications, 3 Harv. China Rev. 51-55 (2002) SSRN

Jane Winn, Social Networks and Electronic Commerce in China, 31:2 Global Econ. Rev. 21 (2002) Link

Daniel H. Foote, 司法制度改革審議会の中間報告における法学教育改革:実行過程で理念を見失わないために Shihō Seido Kaikaku Shingikai no Chūkan Hōkoku ni okeru Hōgaku Kyōiku Kaikaku: Jikkō Katei de Rinen wo Miushinawanai Tameni [Legal Education Reform as Seen in the Interim Report of the Justice System Reform Council: So as not to Lose Sight of the Ideals in the Implementation Process] , 1198 ジュリスト Jurisuto 97 (2001)

John O. Haley, Inside Japan's Community Controls: Lessons for America? 9.2 The Responsive Community 22 (1999) Link

John O. Haley, Apology and Pardon: Learning from Japan,, 41 Am. Behav. Scientist 842-867 (1998) Link reprinted in Civic Repentance 97 (Amitai Etzioni ed., 1999) Rowman & Littlefield

Toshiko Takenaka, Does a Cultural Barrier to Intellectual Property Trade Exist? The Japanese Example, 29 N.Y.U. J. Int'l L. & Pol 153 (1996) Link

Daniel H. Foote, Judicial Creation of Norms in Japanese Labor Law: Activism in the Service of Stability? 43 UCLA L. Rev. 635 (1996) LexisNexis

Toshiko Takenaka, The Role of the Japanese Patent System in Japanese Industry, 13 UCLA Pac. Basin L.J. 25 (1995) Link

Daniel H. Foote, The Benevolent Paternalism of Japanese Criminal Justice, 80 Cal. L. Rev. 317 (1992) Link

Toshiko Takenaka, The Substantial Identity Rule under the Japanese Novelty Standard, 9 UCLA Pac. Basin L.J. 220 (1991) Link

John Owen Haley, The Myth of the Reluctant Litigant 4 J. Japanese Stud. 359 (1978) Link

Book Chapters

Daniel H. Foote, 裁判員制度に対する意識調査:研究の意義と今後の課題 Saiban'in Seido ni Taisuru Ishiki Chōsa: Kenkyū no Igi to Kongo no Kadai [Attitude Survey Regarding the Saiban'in System: Significance of the Research and Future Tasks], in 日本人から見た裁判員制度 Nihonjin kara Mita Saiban'in Seido [The Lay Participation (Saiban'in) System, as Viewed by the Japanese] (Yoshiyuki Matsumura, Shozo Ota, Manako Kinoshita eds., 2015) 勁草書房 Keiso Shobo

Daniel H. Foote, 法律家の役割:合衆国との比較を中心に Hōritsuka no Yakuwari: Gasshūkoku tono Hikaku wo Chūshin ni [The Roles of Jurists: Centered on Comparisons with the United States], in 現代法の動態(第5巻):法の変動の担い手 Gendaihō no Dōtai (Dai 5 kan): Hō no Hendō no Ninaite [Dynamics of Modern Law (Vol. 5):The Bearers of Legal Change] (Atsushi Omura ed., 2015) 岩波書店 Iwanami Shoten

John O. Haley, Japan: A Society of Rights? in Legitimacy, Legal Development and Change: Law and Modernization Reconsidered 251 (David K. Linnan ed., 2012) Ashgate

Toshiko Takenaka, Exercise of Patent Rights under Japanese Anti-Monopoly Prevention Law: A Comparative Law Perspective, in Competition Law and Intellectual Property: The European Perspective 285 (Gabriella Muscolo et. al. eds., 2012) Wolters Kluwer

Toshiko Takenaka, Merging Civil and Common Law Traditions in Patent Validity Challenge System: Japanese Experiences, in Nourriture de l'esprit: Festchrift für dieter Strauder sum 70 Geburtstag 271 (Horst-Peter Gotting & Claudia Schlüter eds., 2011) Nomos

Dongsheng Zang, Poisoned Air: The Negotiating State and the Changing Climate in China, in Climate Change: A Reader 989-1007 (William H. Rodgers Jr., Michael Robinson-Dorn, Jennifer K. Barcelos & Anna T. Moritz eds., 2011) Carolina Academic Press

Toshiko Takenaka, 特許有効性紛争処理制度再考:日米比較法の観点から Tokkyo Yūkosei Funsō Shori Seido Saikō: Nichibei Hikakuhō no Kanten kara [Re-thinking the Management of Disputes about Patent Validity: Viewed from a Japan/US Comparative Law Perspective], in 知的財産法の新しい流れ:片山英二先生還暦記念論文集 Chiteki Zaisanhō no Atarashī Nagare: Katayama Eiji Sensei Kanreki Kinen Ronbunshū [New Trends in Intellectual Property Law: Celebratory Volume in Honor of Professsor Eiji Katayama's 70th Birthday] 371 (2010) 青林書院 Seirin Shoin

Toshiko Takenaka, Harmonizing Patent Infringement Damages: A Lesson from Japanese Experiences, in Patents and Technological Progress in a Global World 463 (Wolrad Prinz zu Waldeck und Pyrmont et al. eds., 2009) Springer

Jane K. Winn, The Role of Lawyers in Taiwan’s Emerging Democracy, in Raising the Bar: The Emerging Legal Profession in East Asia 356 (William P. Alford ed., 2007) Harvard University Press

Veronica Taylor & Michael Pryles, The Cultures of Dispute Resolution in Asia, in Dispute Resolution in Asia 1-28 (Wolters Kluwer 1997) (rewritten for 3rd edition, 2006) Link

Jane K. Winn, Social Networks, Electronic Commerce, and Economic Liberalization in China, in The Politics of Affective Relations: East Asia and Beyond 231-47 (Hahm Chaihark & Daniel A. Bell eds., Lexington Books 2004) Amazon

Veronica Taylor & John O. Haley, Rule of Law in Japan, in Asian Discourses of Rule of Law 440 (R. Peerenboom ed., 2004) Routledge

Daniel H. Foote, アメリカ人は日本人より日本的なのか? Amerikajin wa Nihonjin yori Nihonteki nano ka? [Are Americans More Japanese Than the Japanese?], in 人間の心と法 Ningen no Kokoro to Hō [People's Souls and the Law] 212 (Hayao Kawai & Masanobu Kato eds., 2003) 有斐閣 Yuhikaku

Daniel H. Foote, 経験、多様性、そして法 Keiken, Tayōsei, soshite Hō [Experience, Diversity, and the Law] in 正義・家族・法の構造変換:リベラル・フェミニズムの再定位 Seigi, Kazoku, Hō no Kōzōhenkan: Riberaru Feminizumu no Saitei'i [The Structural Transformation of Justice, the Family, and Law: A Repositioning of Liberal Feminism] 227 (Kei Yoshinaga Trans., 2003) 勁草書房 Keiso Shobo

Veronica Taylor, Re-regulating Japanese Transactions: the Competition Law Dimension, in Japanese Governance: Beyond Japan Inc. 134 (Peter Drysdale & Jennifer Amyx eds., 2003) Routledge

Veronica Taylor, Anti-Corruption and Asian Legal Professions, in Corruption in Asia (Tim Lindsey & Howard Dick eds., Federation Press 2002) Link

Daniel H. Foote,Reflections on Japan’s Cooperative Adversary Process, in The Japanese Adversary System in Context: Controversies and Comparisons 29 (Malcolm M. Feeley, Setsuo Miyazawa eds., 2002) Palgrave Macmillan

John O. Haley, Harmonized Rules, Peculiar Law; Recent Developments in Japanese [Competition] Law, in Towards WTO Competition Rules: Key Issues and Comments on the WTO Report (1998) on Trade and Competition 137-50 (Roger Zach ed., 1999) Wolters Kluwer

John O. Haley, Error, Irony and Convergence: A Comparative Study of the Origins and Development of Competition Policy in Postwar Germany and Japan, in Festschrift für Wolfgang Fikentscher [Festschrift for Wolfgang Fikentscher] 888-918 (1998) Google Books

Roy Prosterman, China: A Fieldwork-Based Appraisal of the Household Responsibility System, with Recommendations for the Future, in Agrarian Reform and Grassroots Development: Ten Case Studies (Roy L. Prosterman, Mary N. Temple, Timothy M. Hanstad eds., 1990) Google Books

Book Reviews

D.S. Zang, Book Review, Law & Politics Book Review (reviewing David M. Engel & Jaruwan S. Engel, Tort, Custom, and Karma: Globalization and Legal Consciousness in Thailand, (2010)) LBPR

Dongsheng Zang, Book Review, 21 J. Asian Bus. 92 (2005), (reviewing East Asia Integrates: A Trade Policy Agenda for Shared Growth (Kathie Krumm & Homi Kharas eds., 2004)) World Bank Group

Additional Publications

Japan and China in the World Political Economy (Pekkanen, Tsai eds.) Routledge, 2005)

The Great Ming Code: Da Ming lü (Jiang Yonglin, trans., University of Washington Press, 2004) [University of Washington Press Asian Law Series (Taylor, Takenaka Series Editors)]

Saadia M. Pekkanen (With Paul Kallender-Umezu) In Defense of Japan: From the Market to the Military in Space Policy (Stanford University Press, 2010)

Saadia M. Pekkanen, Japan's Aggressive Legalism: Law and Foreign Trade Politics Beyond the WTO (Stanford University Press, 2008)

Saadia M. Pekkanen, Picking Winners? From Technology Catch-up to the Space Race in Japan (Stanford University Press, 2003)

Susan Whiting, Fiscal Reform and Land Public Finance, in Joyce Yanyun Man and Yu-Hung Hong, eds. China’s Local Public Finance in Transition (Cambridge, MA: Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, 2010)

Susan Whiting, Contracting and Dispute Resolution among Chinese Firms: Law and Its Substitutes, in Tse-Kang Leng and Yun-han Chu, eds., Dynamics of Local Governance in China during the Reform Era (Latham: Rowman & Littlefield, 2010)

Susan Whiting, Power and Wealth in Rural China: The Political Economy of Institutional Change (Cambridge University Press, 2001)

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