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2011-12 Asian Law Center Research Fellows

Sung-Ho Bae (03/01/11-02/28/12) is an associate professor of law in the University of Yeungnam School of Law in Korea. He holds a Master of Laws and a Ph.D. in law from the University of Yeungnam. Dr. Bae is researching the anticipatory repudiation of contract and mitigation duty.

Israel Gilead (10/1/11-10/31/11) is a Professor and former Dean of the Law Faculty of Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He holds LL.B., B.A. and LL.D. degrees from Hebrew University of Jerusalem. A recognized expert on tort law, he is a member of the European Group on Tort Law and currently leading a European project on "Proportional Liability", a member of the European Center of Tort and Insurance Law (Vienna), a member of the American Law Institute, and a member of the Israeli Civil Codification Committee drafting the proposed new Code on tort law, tort remedies, and limitation of actions). During 2011-12 he will teach a course on "The Goals of Tort Law and its Basic Structure in a comparative Perspective" at Wake Forest Law School, and will further develop his comparative study of tort reform during his visit at UW School of Law

Sang Jo Jong (3/1/11-3/1/12) is a Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Law & Technology at Seoul National University. He holds LL.M. and PhD degrees from the London School of Economics. Dr. Jong previously taught comparative IP law at Georgetown Law center and at Duke Law School, and is currently a panel member of the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center. Dr. Jong will visit the UW Law School as part of our institutional partnership with Seoul National University Law School and will collaborate with CASRIP colleagues in analyzing the interaction between technology, market and IP law in the field of broadcasting/telecommunication.

Simona Pinton (1/7/11-1/6/12) a researcher and professor of international and human rights law at the Universities of Venice and Padua, Italy, and recently taught a course on International Criminal Law at Wake Forest as a visiting professor. She holds a Ph.D. in International Law from the University of Padua and an LLM in International Law from UC Berkeley. Dr. Pinton served on the prosecutorial team for the UN Tribunal for the Genocide in Rwanda, Arusha, and Tanzania, and practiced law with the law firm of Grimaldi & Clifford Chance in Padua. She will engage in a comparative US-EU research on the intersection of IP rights and human rights.

Kana Sasakura (9/12/11-9/11/12) is a professor of criminal law and criminal procedure at Konan University Law School, Kobe, Japan. She holds Ph.D. and M.A. degrees in Criminal Procedure from Hitotsubashi University, as well as an LL.B from the University of Tokyo. She is a productive scholar and has published articles dealing with the right of privacy and the principle of open hearings under Japanese constitutional law. Dr. Sasakura attended a UWLS program sponsored by the Innocent Project last summer and wants to deepen her knowledge on clinical law and procedure from the comparative law perspective.

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