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Dongsheng  Zang

Dongsheng Zang

Director, Asian Law Center & Chinese Legal Studies
Associate Professor of Law

Professor Zang joined the faculty full-time in 2006, after serving as a visiting professor in 2005-06. His academic interests include international trade law, and comparative study of Chinese law, with a focus on the role of law and state in response to social crises in the social transformation in China. He holds an S.J.D. and LL.M. from Harvard Law School, in addition to his LL.M. from Renmin University (Beijing) and LL.B. from Beijing College of Economics. His doctoral dissertation, One-way Transparency: The Establishment of the Rule-based International Trade Order and the Predicament of Its Jurisprudence, was awarded the 2004 Yong K. Kim '95 prize. He was a research fellow at the East Asia Legal Studies at Harvard Law School during the 2004-05 academic year. ... more

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Yong-Sung (Jonathan)  Kang

Yong-Sung (Jonathan) Kang

Assistant Professor of Law

Professor Jonathan Kang is an Associate Professor at Yonsei University, teaching in both the Law School and Underwood International College. ... more

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Jonathan A Eddy

Jonathan A Eddy

Legal Education Support Program – Afghanistan
Professor of Law

Professor Eddy is Program Director for the U.S. Department of State-funded Legal Education Support Program--Afghanistan (LESPA), having re-joined the UW law school faculty in July 2005 and serving as the Director of the Asian Law Center from 2010 to 2013. ... more

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Clark  Lombardi

Clark Lombardi

Director of Islamic Legal Studies
Professor of Law

Professor Lombardi joined the UW law school faculty in 2004. A specialist in Islamic law and in constitutional law, he teaches in these areas and also teaches courses in federalism, comparative law, and development law. Professor Lombardi's current research and writing have focused on the evolution of Islamic law in contemporary legal systems. He also focuses on comparative judicial institutions and on the way that constitutional systems deal with religious organizations and religious law. ... more

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Roy  Prosterman

Roy Prosterman

Emeritus Professor of Law

Professor Prosterman practiced as an associate to the New York firm of Sullivan & Cromwell for six years before coming to the University of Washington in 1965. His research and teaching focus on legal issues of land reform, development, international, and property law fields, with a seminar in Legal Problems of Economic Development. He is also the director of the LL.M. Program in Law of Sustainable International Development. He has published Surviving to 3000: An Introduction to Lethal Conflict, (with Jeffrey Riedinger) Land Reform and Democratic Development, and (with Timothy Hanstad) Agrarian Reform and Grassroots Development. He has done field work in 27 developing countries. He received UW's coveted outstanding Public Service Award in 1990, and was appointed the University's first Corbally Professor in Public Service in Fall 1991. ... more

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Toshiko  Takenaka

Toshiko Takenaka

Washington Research Foundation/W. Hunter Simpson Professor of Technology Law
Director, CASRIP
Professor of Law

Professor Takenaka, a Washington Research Foundation Simpson Professor of Law, joined the UW law school faculty in 1993 and teaches Patent Law, Advanced Patent Law, Intellectual Property and Intellectual Property Innovations in Science and Technology. She is the Director of Center for Advanced Study and Research on Intellectual Property (CASRIP). ... more

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Dana  Raigrodski

Dana Raigrodski

Executive Director, Global Affairs
Law Lecturer & Director, General LL.M. Program

Dr. Raigrodski is a Lecturer and Director of the General LL.M. Track at the University of Washington School of Law. She is also the Executive Director of Global Affairs at the Law School, overseeing international exchange and collaboration, the Visiting Scholars Program and the Summer Institute in Transnational Law and Practice. Dr. Raigrodski holds an LL.B magna cum laude, Tel Aviv University; LL.M. with distinction, and SJD from Tulane University. ... more

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Jane  Winn

Jane Winn

Professor of Law

Professor Winn, of the Law, Technology & Arts Group and a Fulbright Scholar, is a leading international authority on electronic commerce law and technological and governance issues surrounding information security. She joined the faculty in 2002. Her current research interests include electronic commerce law developments in the United States, the European Union, and China. She is coauthor of Law of Electronic Commerce and the casebook Electronic Commerce. ... more

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