Faculty Participation in the Ph.D. Program

The Ph.D. program depends upon strong faculty support through membership in the Ph.D. supervisory committees. Ph.D. candidates meet regularly with their faculty supervisors for advice and discussion about their scholarship. The supervisory committees conduct the Ph.D. General and Final Examinations and collectively decide the status of the candidate's project.

In 2011-12, the following law faculty members are serving on one or more Ph.D. supervisory committees:

A requirement of the program is that candidates' research projects be comparative and draw on interdisciplinary insights. Many of the program's Ph.D. committees benefit from the service of affiliate faculty members from other UW departments and leading scholars in Asian and comparative law drawn from other universities. In 2011-2012 these colleagues included the following members (as well as other faculty serving as Graduate School Representatives:

  • UW Jackson School of International Studies: Gad Barzilai; Scott Radnitz
  • UW Law, Societies, and Justice: Michael McCann; Rachel Cichowski; Arzoo Osanloo
  • UW Evans School of Public Affairs: Mary Kay Gugerty
  • UW Department of Anthropology: Celia Lowe
  • UW School of Pharmacy: Thomas Hazlet
  • Southwestern Law School: Mark Cammack
  • University of Chicago Law School: Tom Ginsburg
  • Seattle University: Russell Powell
  • University of Indonesia: Erman Rajagukguk

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