Ph.D. Alumni

Name Country   Year   Topic
Chan-Jin Kim Korea 1972 Foreign Investment in Korea: Law and Administration
David M. Huang Taiwan 1975 The Impact of Containerization on Carrier's Liabilities and Rate Regulations in International Liner Shipping with Emphasis on United States / Japanese Trade
Kwang-Ha Ko Korea 1978 Korean Laws and Policies on Importation of Foreign Technology
Wen-Yi Lee Taiwan 1981 Developing Contract Theory in a Changing Society: Standardization of Contracts in the Taiwan Market
Paul Chang Bin Liu Taiwan 1983 Chinese Commercial Law in the Late Ch'ing (1842-1911): Jurisprudence and the Dispute Resolution Process in Taiwan
Dae Kyu Yoon Korea 1987 Law and Political Authority: A Study on the Rule of Law in Korea
Yeong Chyan Wu Taiwan 1988 The Economic Regulation of Ocean Liner Shipping in a Newly Industrializing Country: A Survey of Alternative Regulatory Modes and Policy Considerations Concerning Taiwan's Liner Industry
Erman Rajagukguk Indonesia 1988 Agrarian Law, Land Tenure and Subsistence in Java: Case Study of the Villages of Sukoharjo and Medayu
Jumpot Saisunthorn Thailand 1988 Fisheries of the ASEAN States: Transition in the 200-Mile EEZ Regime
Hyun Kim Korea 1990 Limitation of Shipowners' Liability in Korea: Comparisons with the 1976 Convention and Japanese and United States Laws
Zhi Ying Fang China 1991 Systemic Problems of Foreign Financing in the PRC: A Comparative Legal Study
Toshiko Takenaka Japan 1992 Comparative Study of Patent Claim Interpretation in the United States, Federal Republic of Germany, and Japan
Tay-Sheng Wang Taiwan 1992 Legal Reform in Taiwan under Japanese Colonial Rule (1895-1945): The Reception of Western Law
Kon Sik Kim Korea 1995 Chaebol and Corporate Governance in Korea
Norman Taylor Braslow USA 1997 Legal Transplants and Change: Unjust Enrichment Law in Japan
Yao-Kuo Eric Chiang Taiwan 1997 Regulatory Reform in Taiwan, 1987-1996
Sakda Thanitcul Thailand 1997 Industrial Ladder and Technology Import Regulation: Experiences of Japan, South Korea, Mexico and Lessons for Thailand
Vai Io Lo China 1997 Law and Industrial Relations: China and Japan after World War II
Namyoung Yoo Korea 1999 Japanese Spirit and Western Utility: A Comparative Study of Japanese Conflicts Jurisprudence
Jong-Kyun Woo Korea 2002 The Trademark Use Requirements in the United States and Korea: Insights from Domain Names Disputes and Prospects for Harmonization
Catherine K.S. Chang USA 2003 Violence Against Women in Post-Mao China: International Human Rights Norms and Local Law.
Inho Cho Korea 2004 An Evaluation of Insider Trading Regulation in the Republic of Korea: What Are the Policy Considerations and What is Necessary for Korea to Strengthen Insider Trading Regulation?
Hyung Doo Nam Korea 2005 The Right of Publicity in the Global Market: Is James Dean a Living Dead Even in Korea?
Orakanoke Phanraksa Thailand 2005 Uniformity of the Patent Policy in Technology Transfer in Thailand: To What Extent Can the Bayh-Dole Act Concept be Adapted for the Thai Technology Transfer System?
Kyoko Ishida Japan 2006 A Study of Ethics and Regulations of Japanese Legal Service Providers in the 21st Century
Ping Yu China 2006 Administrative Model v. Adjudication Model : The Impact of Administrative Detention in the Criminal Process of the People's Republic of China
Chang-su Choe Korea 2006 Antitrust Adaptation of Economic Analysis for Inferring Concerted Conduct from Competitors' Parallel Pricing : Insights and Directions to Strengthen Korean Antitrust Jurisprudence
Tomi Utomo Indonesia 2006 Indonesian Drug Policy and Patent Regulation After the TRIPS Agreement : Better Access to Essential Medicines?
Kurnia Toha Indonesia 2007 The Struggle Over Land Rights: A Study of Indigenous Property Rights in Indonesia
Chih-Wei Tsai Taiwan 2007 Principles of Aboriginal Title and Self-Determination : Legal Justification for Indigenous Self-Government in Taiwan
Patricia Goedde USA 2008 How and to What Extent Activist Lawyers Have Mobilized the Law for Social and Political Change: 1988-2007
Hendrianto Indonesia 2008 The Indonesian Constitutional Court, 2003 – 2008.
Toshitaka Kudo Japan 2009 Civil Procedure Law Reform Prompted by the United States and the Japanese Patent Invalidation Procedures
Shin-Rou Lin Taiwan 2010 An Expensive Illusion? The Use of Isolation as a Tuberculosis Control Strategy in Taiwan
Kanaphon Chanhom Thailand 2010 Codification in Thailand during the 19th and 20th Centuries: A Study of Causes, Process and Consequences of Drafting the Penal Code of 1908
Chuanju (Ariel) Cheng Thaiwan 2010 A New Legal Era for the Indigenous Peoples of Taiwan—Self-Government?
Melda Kamil Ariadno Indonesia 2010 What is the Indonesian Responsibility for High Seas Fisheries?

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