Ph.D. in Law Degree Requirements

A Ph.D. requires a minimum of two years’ study, at least one year of which is coursework taken while in residence at the University of Washington. The required course is the Law B558 Doctoral Disseration Seminar Students who did not complete the University of Washington Asian & Comparative Law LL.M. program are usually required to take the Law B551 Comparative Legal Studies Seminar.

Students have a supervisory committee of four to five faculty members with whom they regularly consult in the course of their research.

Ph.D. candidates must complete 90 credits, 60 of which must be taken at the University of Washington, in order to receive a doctoral degree.

General Examination: Completion of 60 course credits (An LL.M. degree will count as 30 of those credits) and a dissertation prospectus are needed for this exam.

Final Examination (Doctoral Defense): In addition to a successful General Examination, the Ph.D. candidate must complete at least 27 dissertation credits over a period of three quarters, their total credit count must reach 90, and they must have completed their doctoral dissertation.

Official Submission:  After a successful final defense, the dissertation must be submitted in the required format to the University of Washington Graduate School within 60 days of the Final Examination.

For details of degree requirements please see Graduate School Policies-Doctoral Degree

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