Asian & Comparative Law and Global Business Law LL.M. Tuition and Financial Aid

The nonresident annual tuition for 2014-15 is $36,066 including fees.

For Washington State residents, the annual tuition for 2014-15 is $18,981.

This includes fees for the use of all necessary facilities, equipment and library resources at the law school as well as fees that permit students to use all the facilities located throughout the campus.

Please note: finalized tuition rates for 2015-16 are expected in June 2015. Tuition increases may be from 3% to 10%.

Below is an estimate of the expenses for international students for nine months (3 quarters):

Estimated Expenses Academic Year (9 Months)
Non-Resident Tuition and other campus fees $36,066.00
Health Insurance (required) $2,118.00
Room and Board $14,061.00
Books and Supplies $1,206.00
Local Transportation $1,296.00
Personal Expenses $2,265.00
TOTAL (U.S. $) $57,012.00

Last updated 2/5/2014