LL.M. in Asian & Comparative Law and Global Business Law

Legal practice and legal policy today are interdisciplinary and global. Lawyers need a sophisticated understanding of legal and regulatory systems beyond their own in order to advise and lead in a complex world of global challenges. We educate lawyers for this changing world.

The LL.M. programs in Asian and Comparative Law, Global Business Law, and General Comparative Law provides advanced specialist courses for lawyers and policy makers who are pursuing careers in Asian, Islamic, international commercial or development law. The programs focuses on global and cross-jurisdictional issues in international governance, institution-building, regulation, commercial transactions, and sustainability.

University of Washington Law School classes are uniquely designed to team J.D. and LL.M. and Ph.D. students and Visiting Scholars in the same classroom and often in teams working on practical problems. The unique mix of U.S. and international LL.M. students in one program also provides a valuable reciprocal learning experience.

We expect many of our students to sit for the New York or California Bar as part of their preparation for the next stage of their careers. We team with a commercial provider of Bar preparation courses, so that students may attend bar preparation classes on the UW campus.

This LL.M. program offers several tracks in which students can customize their course of study and career path. Choose from one of the following tracks:

Outside of the classroom, we also offer many opportunities to our students throughout the school year for friendship building, networking, strengthening job skills, and public speaking.

Asian & Comparative Law Track

This track is for lawyers who wish to be recognized as truly expert in the legal systems and cultures of China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia or Central Asia. It is a challenging program that builds professional competence in the substantive laws of one or more Asian jurisdictions. Students complete a sequence of Asian and comparative law courses and legal research projects. [View curriculum.] After graduation they pursue legal careers in Asia, Europe or in the United States, focusing on Asia-related transnational work. Many graduates pursue policy-related careers or become legal academics.

Global Business Law Track

Students in this track focus on U.S. business law and practice-oriented courses that simulate global transactions. The law school provides a large selection of business law courses, including international contracting, international trade, and comparative corporate governance. [View curriculum.] Graduates from this track pursue legal careers as global business lawyers, entrepreneurs or government lawyers responsible for economic policy and regulation.

Other Tracks

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