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Islamic law constitutes many of the Asian and developing legal systems we study. Professor Clark Lombardi specializes in modern Islamic law and offers courses in Islamic Law and Contemporary Muslim Legal Systems. Having lived, worked or studied in Indonesia, Yemen, Egypt, and Afghanistan Professor Lombardi established himself as an international expert in Islamic Law and comparative constitutional law. He has been involved in projects advising on constitutional or legal reform in the Muslim world, including Iraq and Afghanistan. In recognition of his work, he was named a Carnegie Scholar for 2006-08, which allowed him to expand his research into Islamic law and constitutionalism in the modern world.

In 2004 we expanded the Center's focus to Central Asia in the Legal Education Support Program - Afghanistan (previously Afghan Legal Educators Project). This project, funded by the U.S. Department of State, focuses on re-training legal educators in Afghanistan in modern secular and comparative Islamic law. The project underscores our commitment to public service lawyering. The Center was chosen because of faculty’s long experience in training lawyers from developing countries and faculty's practical expertise in Asia, in development law, in commercial law and institutional law reform, and in Islamic Law (Professors Eddy, Lombardi and Taylor).

Professors Clark Lombardi, Michael Feener (National University of Singapore), and Mark Cammack (Southwestern Law School/Asian Law Center) hosted a Workshop on Creating Islamic Lawyers and Judges at NUS in February 2009, analyzing patterns in the teaching of Islamic law in Indonesia and Malaysia as well as the impact of this teaching on court decisions. Developing a picture of changing Islamic legal education for legal professionals in the region is a necessary first step toward understanding how Islamic lawyers and Muslim judges view their own social roles and how Muslim judges formulate their decisions.

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