Asian Law Center

Areas of Expertise

The Center’s teaching, research and public policy work lies at the intersection of various fields:

We work in the legal systems and cultures of Afghanistan, China and Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.


The UW School of Law is unique within North America for its faculty teaching and scholarship focused on Asia and developing economies for 50 years. The Asian Law Center is at the heart of an institutional commitment the gives UW an unparalleled concentration of faculty expertise on Japan (Chaffee, Guinee, Pekkanen, Taylor); China and Hong Kong (Winn, Whiting, Zang); Korea (Kang); Indonesia (Eddy, Cammack); Afghanistan (Eddy, Lombardi, Taylor); Islamic Law (Lombardi); Global Business (Chaffee, Eddy, Guinee, Kang, Ramasastry, Winn, Zang); Development and Rule of Law (Prosterman, Eddy, Lombardi, Ngugi, Ramasastry, Taylor, Whiting, Zang) and the U.S. legal system in comparative perspective (Raigrodski).


The Center provides students with world-class J.D., LL.M. and Ph.D. programs in Asian and Comparative law and Development and Rule of Law. Students can take courses in Japanese, Chinese and Korean law, in U.S. and Global business law, in Islamic law and in Development and Rule of Law. They can intern internationally and they can build practice skills in courses using real-time video-conferencing to link with student teams in Asia.

The Center supports J.D. students working to learn or improve a foreign language and encourages them to spend a quarter or a summer at a law school in Asia or Europe.

Our LL.M. cohort represents practicing lawyers from more than 15 countries who are top-ranked graduates in their foundational law degrees.

By 2012, our Ph.D. program will have graduated close to 50 law professors and policy makers, many of whom are now leaders in their fields in Asia and the U.S.

Each year the Center hosts up to 30 judges, prosecutors, senior practicing attorneys, academics, policy makers, and corporate managers from around the world as Visiting Scholars.


The Asian Law Center celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2012. Founding Director of the (then) Asian Law Program, Professor Dan Fenno Henderson, led the development of Asian and comparative law in North America. The second Director, Professor John O. Haley, consolidated the UW scholarly reputation in comparative approaches to Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese law. During Professor Veronica L. Taylor's tenure as Director, the Program become the Asian Law Center, extending the geographic reach to include Central Asia and SE Asia, while focusing on the intersection of emerging business and investment markets, development and rule of law, and Islamic law in context. The Center continues to develop this work under the leadership of Professor Jonathan A. Eddy.

Regarded by many scholars as the place that established Asian law as an innovative and serious discipline 50 years ago, the Asian Law Center at UW continues to push the boundaries of legal knowledge.

Support and Funding

The Center is currently funded through tuition, competitive grants and alumni giving. We are building toward our next 50 years of innovation as a global leader in the intellectual, practice and policy applications of Asian, comparative, and development law. We invite you to join in this exciting enterprise:

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