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The Asian Law Center’s links with Indonesia are long-standing and important. Law School and Center faculty regularly take part in legal reform efforts in Indonesia and collaborate on research and policy projects with colleagues several academic partners. UW law alumni in Indonesia are among the leading names in government and private practice, often featured in legal reform debates and initiatives. Indonesian graduates of our Ph.D. Program have similarly taken up key roles in shaping law and policy in Indonesia.

UW Faculty Travel to Bangkok and Tokyo For Seminars, December 2 & 4.

On December 2, 2013, UW Law, Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Law, and the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) hosted the “IP Policy and Technology Transfer Practice” seminar at Chulalongkorn University. Experts from Japan, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Korea, China, Vietnam, and Russia spoke on topics such as international contracts, health law, taxation law, and TRIPS. Speakers included Prof. Sakda Thanitcul of Chulalongkorn (LLM '93; PhD '97), Prof. Toshiko Takenaka (UWLS, CASRIP director), Prof. Dan Laster (UWLS & PATH), Prof. Shamnad Basheer of National University of Juridical Sciences, India (UW Visiting Scholar 2012), Associate Dean Patricia Kuszler (UWLS), and Prof. Don S. Zang (UWLS, Asian Law Center Director).

On December 4, 2013, UW Law and Tokyo Medical Dental University co-hosted a seminar on "Globalization of Medical Science Industry and Technology Transfer Strategies." Topics  included: Licensing Genetic Material, Intellectual Property Issue in Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, Technology Transfer System in Russia, and Training Licensing Specialists and Additional Values in Studying Abroad.

UW Law Welcomes Visiting Scholars and Graduate Students for the 2013-14 Academic Year

3 ALC LLM Students

On September 16, 2013, we welcomed the new incoming LLM & PhD students and Visiting Scholars with a reception after their all-day orientation. An estimated 150 students and scholars gathered in the William H. Gates Hall Galleria.

For the 2013-14 year, 50 are enrolled in the Asian Law Center's (ALC) Asian & Comparative Law LLM, Global Business Law LLM, and Sustainable International Development Law LLM program. The ALC is proud to announce that its LLM students represent 16 countries: Afghanistan, Australia, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Krygzstan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, Uganda, USA, and Zimbabwe. Our students also come from diverse working backgrounds such as law lecturers & faculty, firm attorneys and managers, prosecutors, NGOs, small practice and/or business founders, and journalism. 

Asian Law Center Celebrates Milestone 50th Anniversary

ALC 50th Logo

During the 2012-13 Academic Year, the Asian Law Center celebrated its bicentennial anniversary . We began with two back-to-back October conferences in Seattle and in Tokyo honoring former Asian Law Center Director Professor John O. Haley. In March, we welcomed back Professor Dan Foote for a public lecture on the saiban’in system and criminal justice reform in Japan.  In May we celebrated Professor Roy Prosterman, as well as the the 20th anniversary of the Sustainable International Development Graduate Program, with a panel discussing emerging legal challenges to inclusive development in Myanmar (Burma).

Our year-long celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Asian Law Center culminated in a special event on June 13, 2013, at the Four Seasons Hotel. The celebration, led by Dean Kellye Y. Testy and ALC Director Jon Eddy, recognized the lifetime achievements of five of our distinguished alumni throughout Asia:

• Tasuku Matsuo M.C.L. '69
• C.J. Kim Ph.D '72
• Liu Guoyuan LL.M. '82
• Erman Rajagukguk LL.M.'84, Ph.D '88
• Tay-sheng Wang LL.M. '90, Ph.D. '92

Each of the honorees emphasized how much the faculty, staff, librarians, and their peers meant to their education and propelled them to where they are today. It reminded us, reflected Dean Testy, of the enormous influence that our faculty members have on our students' lives and, in turn, the influence our students have on our world.

Founded fifty years ago, with just one faculty member, the ALC is now an international hub of legal thinking. The impact of the program is felt around the globe, with multiple generations of graduates serving as leaders in business, government and academia.

Dana Raigrodski and UW Women's Center Task Force Work to Prevent Human Trafficking

Dana Raigrodski

The UW Women’s Center has been involved in anti-trafficking work on a national and international scope for more than 15 years. Dana Raigrodski, Assistant Director of the Asian Law Center, is representing UW Law on the human trafficking task force. The task force’s work is a collaboration between all the stakeholders: academics, activists, NGOs, policy makers, and the business community. It focuses on the root causes of trafficking in the era of globalization and on researching and mapping the use of trafficked labor in addition to sex trafficking. The mission of the task force is to develop a better understanding of the ongoing field of trafficking and the industries that support it. To that end, Raigrodski is chairing the task force committee on continuing legal education, which is putting togtether a training on "Human Trafficking: Forced Labor and Corporate Responsibility" for legal and business professionals on May 11, 2012. The task force will also convene an international conference on Human Trafficking on January 11-12, 2013.

Indonesian Ambassador to the U.S. Visits UW Campus on October 17

Please join the UW Southeast Asia Center, the Center for Global Studies and the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies will host Dino Patti Djalal, Indonesian Ambassador to the U.S., during his visit to the UW Campus on October 17, 2011. Ambassador Djalal is a well-known government spokesman, diplomat and author of five best-selling books. He served as presidential spokesman for President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono from 2004-2010, making him the longest serving presidential spokesperson in Indonesia’s modern history.

Djalal, who holds a doctorate degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science, will speak about the compatibility between Islam and democracy and discuss issues of common concern for Indonesia-U.S. bilateral relations.

UW Law to Strengthen Legal Education in Indonesia

UW Law will serve as the US educational partner for a recent four year USAID award to The Asia Foundation in support of Indonesia’s justice system, “Educating and Equipping Tomorrow’s Justice Reformers” (E2J). The E2J program will leverage and strengthen the capacity of Indonesian institutions, particularly law schools and civil society organizations (CSOs), to cultivate and develop a generation of lawyers, public servants and scholars who are well-versed in the knowledge and skills needed to foster and sustain justice sector reform. Illustrative law school activities include curriculum development and reform, policy-oriented legal research, legal clinics, advanced legal education methodology, internship and externship opportunities within the justice sector, and international exchange and degree programs.

UW Law will partner with The Asia Foundation to provide training to increase capacity in these Indonesian law school activities and strengthen collaboration between law schools, CSO’s and justice sector institutions, particularly in the areas of curriculum reform and clinical legal education. In addition to conducting trainings Indonesia, a select number of qualified project participants will enter the UW Law LLM program.

UW Selected for The U.S. Indonesia Partnership Program for Study Abroad Capacity

The UW is one of six U.S. institutions that will be working with six Indonesian universities to help them build the capacity to provide high-quality study abroad programs for U.S. undergraduates. The U.S. Indonesia Partnership Program for Study Abroad Capacity will pilot new study abroad programs and will seek feedback from administrators and students to improve the programs' success in meeting students' needs. The initiative is sponsored by The Institute of International Education's Center for International Partnerships in Higher Education.

In 2009, UW was represented by Professor Taylor, who joined a delegation of University Presidents, Vice Provosts and Center Directors representing more than 20 universities and colleges in the U.S. to Indonesia to prepare for expanding education programs under the U.S.-Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership. The delegation met with senior officials at the Indonesia Ministry of Education, Indonesian universities, the U.S. Embassy and American Indonesia Exchange Foundation (Fulbright Commission).  

Professor Emeritus Roy L. Prosterman, Landesa Senior Attorney Robert Mitchell (J.D. '87, LL.M. '93) and Dean Erman Rajagukguk (LL.M. '84, Ph.D. '89) Continued Collaboration on Land Reform in Indonesia

Professor Roy Prosterman

UW Law Professor Emeritus Roy L. Prosterman, founder and chairman emeritus of Landesa (formerly Rural Development Institute), Landesa Senior Attorney Robert Mitchell (J.D. ’87, LL.M. ’93) and Dean Erman Rajagukguk (LL.M. ‘84, Ph.D. ‘89) continue to collaborate on land reform in Indonesia through Landesa's Indonesian office. One key goal is to give Indonesia’s poorest families a way to stabilize and supplement their incomes with small homestead plots.

As a result of Prosterman's leadership, Landesa has become an extraordinarily effective advocate for international land law and policy reform. UW School of Law School honored Professor Prosterman at a a special ceremony on May 5, 2011. Dean Kellye Testy and Bill Gates, Sr. spoke about Prosterman's legacy and leadership of demonstrating how law can and should be used as a tool to battle global poverty. Testy also presented Prosterman with a proclamation officially declaring May 5 as Roy Prosterman Day in King County.

Dean Rajagukguk has maintained strong ties to the UW Law School and faculty since his student days. In addition to his ongoing work with Professors Lev, Prosterman and Taylor, he is working with Beth Rivin, Research Associate Professor and Director of the UW Global Health and Justice Project, on legal issues around human rights and health.

Ph.D. and LL.M. Students Publish in the Jakarta Globe

We congratulate two of our students or their recent publications with the Jakarta Globe, one of the major English newspapers in Jakarta. Linda Yanti Sulistiawati, a Fulbright Ph.D. student at UW Law and a lecturer at Gajah Mada University School of Law, published an article entitled "Our Learning Curve to Survive Is Steep" (05-05-2011) about Indonesia's challenges in confronting climate change. Akhmad Safik, a USAID-Indonesia Forecast Scholar and LL.M. student at UW Law, published an article entitled "Rethinking Indonesia’s Property Acquisition Policies" discussing the government policy regarding land taking for public purposes (04-21-2011).

Professor Beth Rivin Receives 2011-2012 Fulbright Senior Scholar Award to Work in Indonesia

Professor Beth Rivin

The J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (FSB) announced the selection of Professor Beth Rivin as a Fulbright Scholar for 2011-2012 in Indonesia. She will be hosted by Gadjah Mada University in Jogjakarta and will work at five other universities in Indonesia, including the University of Indonesia. Her focus will be teaching and capacity building in medical school bioethics education using multidisciplinary approaches.

Last year Professor Rivin presented at the 18th World Congress on Medicine and Law, “The Convention on the Rights of the Child: Promoting Human Rights in Indonesian Madrasah”, Zagreb, Croatia. She also has a forthcoming publication titled “Convention on the Rights of the Child: Promoting Human Rights in Islamic Day Schools in Indonesia.”

Ph.D. Student Linda Sulistiawati Blogs About Climate Justice Projects in Indonesia

Linda Sulistiawati, a PhD Student in Asian and Comparative law  and a Law Lecturer at the Universitas Gadjah Mada, collaborates with the UWLS Three Degrees Climate Justice Project and blogs about climate justice case studies in Indonesia. Linda's article introduces efforts to foster adaptation strategies in local communities in Indonesia. Specifically, two climate adaptation projects are focused on ensuring a sustainable livelihood for forest dependent communities and aim to increase the communities’ resilience in facing climate change impacts, especially with respect to crop resilience and food security.

Recent Ph.D. Program Graduates in Asian and Comparative Law

Dr. Tomi Suryo Utomo (Ph.D. 2006) is a Legal Education Expert with the Asia Foundation E2J project in partnership with UW School of Law.  Previously on the faculty at Sanabadra University, Indonesia, his dissertation, titled “Indonesian Drug Policy and Patent Regulation After the TRIPS Agreement: Better Access to Essential Medicines?” focused on the protection of pharmaceutical patents in Indonesia and its impact on the public health sector.

Dr. Kurnia Toha (Ph.D. 2007) is currently teaching at the University of Indonesia. His dissertation, titled “The Struggle Over Land Rights: A Study of indigenous property rights in Indonesia” examined the Indonesian government's policy and regulation on land tenure, especially on communal land rights, in comparison to Malaysia and Australia.

Hendrianto's (Ph.D. 2008) dissertation is entitled "From Humble Beginnings to a Functioning Court: the Indonesian Constitutional Court, 2003 – 2008." Hendrianto’s dissertation centers on the struggle to construct judicial review in the Indonesian Constitutional Court during a transition period, and focus on the main contributing factors to the development of the Indonesian Constitutional Court into a functioning institution.

Melda Kamil Ariadno (Ph.D. 2011) is Assistant Professor of International Law and chairman of the Center for International Law Studies at the University of Indonesia Faculty of Law. In her dissertation entitled "What is the Indonesian Responsibility for High Seas Fisheries" Dr. Ariadno explored whether international law can impose certain rules on the high-seas fisheries of a country such as Indonesia that has ratified the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea but is not a party to international fisheries agreements.

Law Through Global Eyes Lecture Series: The Challenges of Establishing Effective Legal Institutions in Indonesia

In November 2010, UW Law and the The Asian Law Center hosted Melli Darsa, Eisenhower Fellow and Founder and Managing Partner of Melli Darsa & Co. Law Offices. Ms. Darsa,  Chairman of the Capital Market Committee on the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was a 2010 National Semi-finalist for the Chairmanship of the Indonesian Anti-Corruption Commission (KPK).

In her lecture, Ms. Darsa addressed the journey of Indonesia to become a true democracy in the midst of a reluctance to purge corruption from the main legal institutions. As an Eisenhower Fellow, Ms. Darsa has been exploring methods for empowering Indonesian institutions of law and studying programs that will help develop “the rule of law” and engender trust in legal institutions.

UWLS and the University of Indonesia Faculty of Law Formalize Academic Exchanges

On October 13, 2010, the Law School and the University of Indonesia Faculty of Law formalized their long-standing relations in a collaborative agreement to further expand the exchange of faculty and students at the Masters and Ph.D. level. The UWLS, through the Asian Law Center, has welcomed many University of Indonesia candidates into its LL.M., Ph.D. and Visiting Scholar programs, several of whom have taken teaching and leadership positions at the University of Indonesia upon return.

Rajagukguk Legal Website

Alumnus Professor Dr. Erman Rajagukguk (LLM ’84, PhD ’89), Dean of Law at Al-Azhar University Jakarta and Professor of Law in the Graduate Program at University of Indonesia, has launched a website of Indonesian legal commentary and legal research resources: . In a country with improving, but limited, public legal information the Rajagukguk website will be a useful complement to the leading digital legal information portal, Hukumonline:

Lombardi Leads Conference Entitled "Islamic Law in the Courts: Judicial Interpretation of Shari`a in Modern States"

Professor Clark Lombardi

In June 2009, the law school hosted a scholarly conference entitled "Islamic Law in the Courts: Judicial Interpretation of Shari`a in modern states." The conference was organized by Associate Professor Clark Lombardi and attended by leading specialists in Islamic law from around the world. The conference was underwritten by the Carnegie Corporation of New York along with the Henry Luce Foundation's Program in Religion and International Affairs, a number of regional studies programs and centers based at the Jackson School and the University of Washington Law School's Ted Stein Memorial Fund. With its historic strengths in Asian and Comparative law and Development law, the University of Washington Law School has been a pioneer in the study of law in the Islamic world.

At this conference, experts from around the world (all specializing in different parts of the Muslim world) presented translations of a contemporary court case and an analysis of it. Panelists also discussed the methodological challenges of studying court cases, and some lessons that that the study so far has taught to scholars and policy makers. The goal of the conference was, ultimately, to seed the ground for a long-term, international, interdisciplinary study of Islamic law as it actually applies in the courts of Muslim countries. Such a project will have both theoretical implications for academics and policy implications for nations around the world.

Law Through Global Eyes Lecture Series: Parliamentary Assistance and Institutional Reform in Indonesia -- From Rubber Stamp towards a Representative Legislature

In April 2009, Dr. Frank Feulner, Asian Law Center Research Fellow, addressed parliamentary institutional development and reform in Indonesia. There are only few studies of how the core democratic institutions in Indonesia actually work, and attention and support to parliamentary development remains small. Dr. Feulner argued that strong legislatures contribute to stronger democracies and shows how legislatures can be assisted in their efforts. Based on first-hand experience, he portrayed the changes in the Indonesian parliament since the fall of the authoritarian Suharto regime and the current challenges, and highlighted the entry points for parliamentary development assistance, particularly to further norms and standards for democratic standards.

Workshop on Creating Islamic Lawyers and Judges: Islamic Law in the Law Schools and Judicial Training Academies of Muslim Southeast Asia

(L to R) Prof. Richard Cullen (Hong Kong Univresity),Prof. Mark Cammack (Southwestern Law School and UW Affiliate faculty member ) and Prof. Clark Lombardi at the 2008 ASLI conference in Singapore

Professor Lombardi, together with Professors Michael Feener of the National University of Singapore and Mark Cammack at Southwestern Law School, hosted a conference at NUS in February 2009, analyzing patterns in the teaching of Islamic law in Indonesia and Malaysia as well as the impact of this teaching on court decisions. Developing a picture of changing Islamic legal education for legal professionals in the region is a necessary first step toward understanding how Islamic lawyers and Muslim judges view their own social roles and how Muslim judges formulate their decisions.

"Current Issues in Indonesian Law" Conference Honoring the Late UW Professor Emeritus Daniel S. Lev

The Late UW Professor Emeritus Daniel S. Lev

In July 2006 we lost UW Professor Emeritus Daniel S. Lev, our friend and preeminent colleague in the field of Southeast Asian Law and Politics. A specialist in the comparative politics, legal systems and human rights of Southeast Asia, Dan’s research on Indonesian law and politics was seminal. He set standards for both scholars and law reformers.

In his honor, the University of Washington School of Law Asian Law Center, in collaboration with University of Indonesia Faculty of Law held a memorial conference in Seattle in February 2007 featuring many of his Indonesian colleagues and former students. The conference brought together many esteemed guests and colleagues to discuss a broad range of topics from law and politics in Indonesia to economic development to land reform. Noted speakers included Hikmahanta Juwana, Dean of the University of Indonesia Faculty of Law, Erman Rajagukguk, Dean of Al-Azar University Law Faculty (LL.M. ‘84, Ph.D. ‘89), Adnan Uyung Nasution and Yunus Husein, to name a few.

UWLS Indonesian Alumni Meet

Around table counter clockwise: Andjar Pachta, Melda Kamil Ariadno, Carmen B. Soedarmawan; Kurnia Toha, Henwira Halim, Erman Rajagukguk

On May 23 2007, over 50 Indonesian alumni and friends of the Law School gathered in Jakarta. In his welcoming remarks, Mr Arief Surowijojo (LLM ’84), name partner of leading Indonesian law firm Lubis, Ganie Surowijojo observed that this was the first time that UWLS alumni in Jakarta had gathered formally as a cohort and that it marked a real opportunity to build on professional ties and strengthen the Indonesian legal profession.

UW law alumni in Indonesia are among the leading names in government and private practice and have also featured consistently in legal reform debates and initiatives. Mr Surowijojo is a leading figure in commercial legal practice in Indonesia who is also a key supporter for the leading legal reform NGO, PSHK (Center for Indonesian Law and Policy Studies). In his remarks, Mr Surowijojo acknowledged the most senior alumnus present, Ms Sri Indrastuti Hadiputranto (LLM ‘81) name partner of Hadiputranto, Hadinoto & Partners(the Baker and McKenzie affiliate in Jakarta). Ibu Tuti Hadiputranto is well-known in Indonesia for the uncompromising integrity of her practice. In his remarks, Dr. Rajagukguk, Dean of Al-Azar University Law Faculty (LLM ‘84, PhD ‘88) remembered Emeritus Professor Daniel S. Lev and his immense influence in recruiting outstanding students to UW in politics and law. Professor Veronica Taylor (LLM ’92) introduced Professors Jon Eddy (J.D. ‘69) and Clark Lombardi who attended the reunion, and two of the most recent Indonesian PhD graduates of the Law School, Dr Tomi Suryo (PhD ‘06) and Dr. Kurnia Toha (PhD ’07). The Indonesian alumni reunion was supported by Professor Melda Kamil Ariadno (LLM ‘95, PhD in progress) and her colleagues at the Center for International Law, University of Indonesia. Under the leadership of Dr. Rajagukguk and colleagues our Indonesian alumni committed to formalizing a UWLS Indonesia Alumni Association in the near future.

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