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  • LL.M. in Asian & Comparative Law, Global Business Law or Sustainable International Development Law
    The Asian & Comparative, Global Business, and Sustainable International Development  LL.M. program provides advanced, specialist courses for lawyers and policy makers who are pursuing careers in Asian, Islamic, international commercial or development law. The program focuses on global and cross-jurisdictional issues in international governance, institution-building, regulation, commercial transactions and sustainability. More >
  • Visiting Scholars Program
    The University of Washington School of Law is distinguished by a vibrant Visiting Scholar Program. The Program attracts researchers and legal policy makers from around the world who wish to conduct comparative research at the Law School and Law Library. The Program is designed for senior legal career professionals from legal institutions such as courts and eminent academics who have an extensive background in their given fields. More >
  • Summer Institute in Transnational Law and Practice
    The Summer Institute is a two-week intensive non-credit program at the Law School specifically designed to introduce international law students and attorneys to the structure, culture and thinking of the American Legal System. All classes are taught by law faculty and practitioners who are experienced in cross-cultural communication. More >
  • Asian & Comparative Law, Global Business Law or Sustainable International Development Law for J.D. Students
    J.D. students at the Law School uniquely benefit by the opportunity to learn alongside 100 or more outstanding lawyers, judges and prosecutors from around the world. Students who choose to study Asian & Comparative Law or Global Business Law or Sustainable International Development Law as part of their J.D. program or to complete a concurrent LL.M. program will work with senior colleagues from Asia, Europe, Australasia and beyond. More >

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