Transfer Admissions

Transfer Application Instructions

Applications for transfer are accepted beginning May 1 through June 15.

A transfer application is considered complete and ready for evaluation when the following items and materials have been received by the respective deadlines:

Application Item Descriptions

  • Application - Applicants may access, complete, and submit the application form electronically through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) at

  • $60 application fee - Checks should be made payable to the University of Washington School of Law. Be certain to write your Social Security or LSAC identification number on the check. Please note that if you are submitting your application through LSAC, the application fee will be collected at that time.

  • Personal Statement -The University of Washington School of Law aspires to be the best public law school in the nation and one of the world's most respected centers for interdisciplinary legal studies. We strive to be leaders for the global common good by shaping and defending just and sustainable laws and policies through scholarly discovery, our ethical advocacy, our inspired teaching, and our generous public service.

    The primary goal of the admissions process is to enroll students who strive to be leaders for the global common good; demonstrate outstanding academic, professional, and leadership promise; are committed to generous public service and ethical advocacy; and who have background and experiences that will enhance the diversity of the student body, thereby enriching the law school educational environment. As such, applicants are invited to write a personal statement that describes their potential contributions to our vibrant community.

    Please limit your response to 700 words.

    Applicants may include the following factors in their personal statement or the optional supplemental statement: perseverance against substantial obstacles; socio or economic disadvantage; family or personal adversity; social hardships; disability; prejudice or discrimination; leadership potential; studying or living abroad; foreign language skills; special talents; unique life experiences; or geographic diversity.

    (Optional) Supplemental Statement - Applicants may supplement their personal statement by providing a statement that addresses their compelling academic or personal need to transfer to UW Law, and the objectives they hope to achieve.

    Please limit your response to 500 words.

  • Resumé - Please provide a résumé detailing any significant vocational, non-vocational, extracurricular or community activities, volunteer work, honors, awards, any service in the Armed Forces, job descriptions and major areas of responsibility along with dates of employment (mm/yyyy) and the number of hours per week devoted to such activities, publications, or other information that you believe the University of Washington School of Law should consider in evaluating your application. Also please include details as to any foreign language proficiencies you possess, including the level of ability with regard to speaking, comprehension, reading, and writing. Your résumé may not exceed three (3) typewritten pages.

  • Letter of Good Academic Standing - Please arrange for your Letter of Good Academic Standing to be sent directly to the Office of Admission & Financial Aid.

    • This letter should be prepared from your law school Registrar or Academic Dean and must (a) provide your class ranking at the end of your first year of law school instruction (if it is not provided on your law school transcript) and (b) state that you are in good academic standing and eligible to continue.
  • Official Law School Transcript - Please arrange for your official law school transcript to be sent directly to the LSAC. Your Credential Assembly Service (CAS) report needs to include your official law school transcript, reflecting all courses and grades of the first-year curriculum.

  • Credential Assembly Service report - We will request this report from LSAC upon receipt of your application. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that LSAC has received all necessary materials to complete the CAS file. You are advised to confirm that your CAS file is complete; LSAC will not send the law school a CAS report until then.

  • Letter(s) of Recommendation -Two (2) Letters of Recommendation are required and should be submitted through LSAC's Letter of Recommendation Service.

    LSAC Evaluations, however, are optional. If you intend to submit evaluations, we require that you use LSAC's Evaluation Service and limit the number to two (2) evaluations. Please note that the recommenders and the evaluators do not need to be the same individuals.

    Letter(s) of Recommendations can in some cases have a significant impact on the admission decision. The strongest recommendations are those submitted by a professor who knows an applicant's work well and can give a well-substantiated assessment of their academic potential. For applicants who have been out of school for some time, professional recommendations are appropriate. On the other hand, LSAC's Evaluation Service includes ratings of thirty (30) individual attributes and skills in six (6) categories, including: intellectual skill; personal qualities; integrity and honesty; communication; task management; and working with others. The evaluations are an adjunct to letters of recommendation and will assist the admissions committee in assessing an applicant's candidacy for admission.

  • Note: all records become part of the official file. They will not be returned or duplicated.

Last updated 10/6/2014